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GEMS Curriculum

At GIS we offer a world-class education centered on the CBSE curriculum. Our curriculum is designed to foster inquiry through thematic, experiential and project-based learning. Teaching and learning is designed for exploration, creativity, independent thinking and experimentation. It is woven into an integrated approach to provide meaningful learning experiences and establish cross-curricular links. At GEMS International school, learning is planned across the domains defined by Bloom:

  • Cognitive
  • Affective
  • Psychomotor

This will lead to acquisition of skills in the Language Arts, Sciences, Mathematics, Social Studies, Visual and performing Art forms, Physical Education and Health. In addition to these Theatre in education and Design Thinking also strengthen language, and enhance psychomotor as well as cognitive skills.

Our Curriculum aims to:

  • Encourage students to think critically and solve problems though project and theme based learning.
  • Incorporate STREAM, i.e. integrated learning of Science -Technology -Reading -Engineering -Arts -Mathematics (we have moved from STEM to STREAM education)
  • Seamlessly integrate art in the curriculum to enhance the appreciation for aesthetics visual and performing arts.
  • Foster holistic development through sports and HPE, i.e. Health and Physical Education.
  • Offer activities for curricular and co-curricular enrichment via clubs and work education.
  • Develop ‘Reflective Learning Practices’ for students to assess and understand their strengths and work on areas to support self-learning and personal development through Student-Led Conferences.
  • Incorporate the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals in order to make our students Global Citizens.
  • Engage students in addressing real-world problems and issues important to humanity to lead change.
  • Provide differentiated teaching-learning activities to personalise learning.
  • Provide opportunities to connect globally with the GEMS network of schools to facilitate collaborative learning beyond boundaries for students and teachers.
  • Use pedagogical practices like Design Thinking and Theatre in education and stories to create an engaging learning experience.

Key Features of GEMS International School
  • Individualized attention – low student-teacher ratio
  • Stimulating learning environment
  • Emphasis on all-round development and co-curricular activities
  • Theatre in Education
  • Continuous Professional Development
  • Integration of ICT and Innovation in the Curriculum
  • Sound Pastoral Care
  • Parental Engagement Programmes
  • Eco-Literacy Curriculum
  • Student Led Conferences and genuinely 360 degree assessment approach
  • Oxford Reading Tree Programme
  • Emotional Literacy integration across the curriculum
  • Cambridge English Assessments
  • Clubs such as TED-Ed club, Quill Club, MUN Club, Organic Farming, Literary Luminaries
  • Eco-Literacy and Fairtrade initiatives
  • Social-Emotional Literacy
  • International Benchmarking Assessments (IBT) for Baseline and Endline external evaluation
  • International Benchmarking Assessments by Japanese Benesse
  • OpenDoor external Mastery Assessments for Science and Mathematics
Our Education Partners
  • ACER- Australian Council For Education Research
  • CREYA Robotics and Design Thinking and Innovation Lab
  • Whizjuniors ICT Curriculum and Techathon by Clone Futura
  • LogiQids – Logical reasoning and critical thinking programs
  • Microsoft showcase school
  • Eco-Literacy
  • Duke of Edinburgh Awards Programme
  • TED-X
  • Roundsquare
  • Trinity School of Communication and Music
  • Climate Action Project
  • Commonsense School for Digital Citizenship
  • Amerigo Connect for Career counselling
  • Thinking Classrooms by OpenDoor
  • Edterra – Education travels
  • World Scholars Cup

From creative and performing arts to subject extensions and sports, we offer a range of activities to suit every energetic young mind. Regular sports activities include Swimming, Cricket, Football, Lawn Tennis, Boxing, Basketball, Table Tennis and Athletics to name but a few. Extra-curricular activities build students’ aspirations and provide them with the foundations and transferable skills to make new friends and, most importantly, have fun


Gems International School is a Centre for Cambridge Assessments and offers Cambridge English Qualifications in the form of in-depth exams that make learning English enjoyable, effective, and rewarding. These assessments are unique as their approach encourages continuous progression with a clear path to improve language skills benchmarked at an international level.


We are certified not only as an assessment centre but also ensure that Cambridge English Curriculum and resources are deeply embedded in our school Curriculum. Teachers at GIS ate qualified Cambridge TKT practitioners. They are professionally trained and certified for specialised teaching of English.  


Microsoft has recognized Gems International School as a Showcase School, an elite group of schools that exemplify the best of teaching and learning in the world today.


We are part of an exclusive global community, recognized and celebrated for educational transformation that includes vision and innovation in teaching, learning, and preparing students for the future.

Values-led Education

A variety of initiatives, designed to instill values in students, have been rolled out across GEMS schools, with teachers, student and parents all actively involved.


Jewels of Kindness and Respect: A Values-led Education

At GEMS Education we care about a values-led education and seek to encourage students to grow and develop their personal and interpersonal qualities. A variety of initiatives, designed to instill values in students, have been rolled out across GEMS schools, with teachers, student and parents all actively involved. The GEMS Jewels of Kindness & Respect initiative has been created to encourage students to think about showing all the qualities of kindness, such as respect, empathy, helpfulness, and compassion, to their friends, family and wider community with the belief that children learn best when there is close collaboration between home and school on core values.

Did you know?

In 2018, GEMS enlisted the help of Michele Borba, an internationally acclaimed expert and author on children, teens, parenting, bullying and moral development.

How does it work?

Being kind is easy and doesn’t cost a penny!

  1. Children carry out acts of kindness towards parents and family members while out and about and at home.
  2. Teachers ask parents to inform them of their child’s act of kindness.
  3. The school rewards and celebrates each act through:
    1. Sticker collections and sticker books (recommended for Primary students)
    2. GEMS Jewels of Kindness certificates
    3. GEMS Jewels of Kindness camel mascots – students are invited to take the mascot home for a few days (recommended for Primary students)
    4. GEMS Jewels of Kindness pins (recommended for Secondary students)
    5. Publicity in school newsletters and similar publications, or displays in the school foyer
  4. Parents showcase their child’s kindness via social media and, in this way, kindness spreads

While the importance of kindness, respect, empathy, helpfulness and compassion is taught and promoted within all our schools, we want to ensure that these qualities extend beyond the school environment and continue to be developed and reflected at home. To that end, the GEMS Jewels of Kindness initiative is a means of encouraging children to be kind to their parents, grandparents and siblings, and in turn society as a whole. Rolled out across all GEMS schools, the programme is also a celebration of all the good deeds and acts of kindness being carried out by GEMS students.

Examples of acts of kindness
  • Write a thank you note
  • Care for an animal or pet
  • Hold the door open for someone
  • Make a family “kindness jar”, “compliment jar” or “positive memory jar”
  • Say something nice about someone, just because
  • Do the chores without being asked to do so
  • Bake or cook something for the rest of the family
  • Pay someone a compliment
  • Make a gift
  • Say please and thank you
  • Recycle or upcycle waste
  • Set the dinner table

New ways to learn

We are always looking to find new and creative ways to stimulate learning and continually striving to improve the way we teach. Our emphasis on enquiry-based approaches, both within and beyond traditional learning environments, means we’re quick to implement new technologies wherever we believe they will be beneficial; we are looking to develop well-rounded students with 21st century skills who are ready for an increasingly globalised world.

At GEMS International School, Gurgaon we benefit from best-practice teaching methods shared by professional educators all over the world but some of our freshest ideas come from listening to our students and their families. We make it our business to pass on what we learn to others because our ultimate goal is to provide an exceptional education to as many as possible.

Approach and Accreditation

Every parent wants the very best for their child. The best opportunities, the best experiences and the very best education. But how can you be sure that the teaching your child receives is of the highest quality? That’s where external accreditation comes in.

GEMS accreditations

Our international schools teach a diverse range of curricula to students at every stage of their educational journey. To give you confidence in our expertise in every syllabus at every level, we’d like to talk to you about the international accreditations and affiliations we have to our name.

We’re very proud of the accreditations GEMS schools have achieved. Each accreditation and affiliation is a seal of approval from the best international educational bodies. From AQA international accreditation to NCA accreditation and central board of secondary education affiliation; our awards and relationships speak volumes about the high standard of education available through our schools. You can take a look at a number of our accreditations from global bodies below.

What does accreditation really mean?

So what do all these acronyms and accreditations really mean for your child’s experience in the classroom?

School accreditation is an important type of quality assurance. From government organisations to exam boards, expert external bodies regularly evaluate the performance of schools teaching in their country or teaching their syllabus. An accreditation is a clear indication that their own, internal standards are being met. This means you and your child can be confident that they’re receiving an education which is of the highest standard.

Moving schools accreditation

The reassurance that your child is receiving the best possible education is important wherever you travel. But for families who are transferring schools or moving countries, looking closely at accreditation is even more essential.

GEMS International School is affiliated with CBSE AFFILIATION NO: 530889

With little local knowledge to rely upon, the reputation and quality of prospective schools must be proven with official recognition from the right bodies. Look for accreditation or affiliation with the body responsible for your child’s syllabus, check for recognition from any relevant exam boards and make sure your prospective school has approval from their national government educational organisation.

Our Awards

At GEMS, we run great schools that set a benchmark for quality education. We know this because all GEMS Schools are accredited and/or affiliated to internationally acclaimed education organisations. It’s the reassurance any family wants for their child’s future. Explore our awards above or talk to our team for more information.


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